The Autumnal majesty of Mabon


The season of the wheel keeps turning. As I put out my washing this morning the true sign that Autumn was upon us was clear, not marked by the date on the calender or the celebration of a sabbat, but by the chill in the air even at midday. The myriad of spiders webs between the rows of the washing line, the hint of the leaves fading from their vibrant shades of greens to the autumnal rainbow of colour of yellow, orange and brown. What beauty, what majesty as we commune with nature, at one with her changing embrace. The wise words of our elders ring in our ears as we see this display, as we accept that once more the cycle of life and death plays out and we enjoy the bounty of beauty that the season brings while anticipating that the flowers and the warmth of the sun will return next spring.

This for me is the fundamental connection with nature that is at the heart of what it means to be and celebrate as a Pagan. Although Mabon is upon us in a couple of days time (23rd September), it may be that I wait to celebrate this year. Despite the coolness of the air, of the shortening of the evening light, the leaves here are still green and have not yet begun to fully embrace the autumn. It feels therefore too early to celebrate the season’s change just yet.


If you are celebrating on Tuesday, sabbat blessings to you. May the fire of the Sabbat remind you that while the Sun’s warmth hibernates these long winter months, the beauty of the autumnal and winter season are Sirens calling out to us that  we are only small players in the grand scene that nature plays before our eyes and that mother nature will once more wake the sun and bring prosperity and fertility to the land.

Blessed Mabon one and all.


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